notes and lessons from a void

March 2022

Like, for real.

February 2022

And for doing things that freak you out.

February 2021

Spoilers ahead.

January 2021

A little therapy, a little spirituality, a little fantasy.

December 2020

Yeah, I'm figuring it out too.

November 2020

And launching my Patreon!

October 2020

Being in the unknown: resources, practices + aggressive dancing

November 2019

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July 2018

Opening Scene: A middle-class chain restaurant, general chatter. Televisions above the bar displays a news program. Frank Underwood’s face is in a small…

October 2016

This blog troubles me sometimes. I want to write and publish so much, but I can’t right now. {I’ll explain later.} There are things I can write about…

September 2016

do not stop. do not stop because you think you won’t make enough money, because you’re afraid of what people will say, because you’re not sure you’re…